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California Recognizes Tara

“For your exceptional dedication to the safety of your family, in specific your heroic feat of bravery and courage in fighting off a horrific canine attack on young Jeremy Triantafilo. Your act of valor serves as an example to American household cats everywhere. It is in this spirit that we commemorate Bakersfield’s great feline friend. Thank you. May 23, 2014 Bakersfield, California”

Senators – Andy Vidak and Jean Fuller


The Bakersfield Condors had  Tara on the ice on the night of May 23, 2014. Accompanied by her boy, both Tara and Jeremy got to drop the ceremonial puck. Surrounded by a proud attendance of fellow Kern County citizens, Tara was cool as a cucumber.

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Daily Life

Tara enjoys life as usual and it includes a lot of lying around and chasing bugs. She has a comfortable and safe home life with an every now-and-again adventure. She still watches over Jeremy and the twins as if they were her own, and we love her for that.


#HEROCAT Throws First Pitch

The Bakersfield Blaze baseball team showed their feline love on May 20, 2014 when they invited Tara and her family to make history. Tara became the first house cat in history to throw a pitch at a sanctioned baseball game. And of course…nothing went right.

Watch the Video: Prepare to have a giggle


“Tara the Hero Cat” Day

Kern County announced that June 3, 2014 be a recognized day for the fearless feline, Tara. The Triantafilos were also honored for representing their hometown with composure and kindheartedness.

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